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4 ways to speed up your immigration application

November 18th

4 ways to speed up your immigration application

One of the most common questions immigration applications ask is:

“How can I speed up my application?”

Applications take a long time. For some visa categories, wait periods can last years.

And in most situations, it’s just not possible to expedite your application.

However, there are some scenarios where it’s actually possible to speed up your application:

  • Submitting an error-free application to avoid delays
  • Applying for premium processing
  • Contacting USCIS
  • Hiring an immigration attorney

Tired of waiting? Here’s what you can do to shorten your processing time.

Submit your application without errors

Did you know that one of the most common causes for delayed immigration applications is errors in your paperwork?

Misspellings, incorrect dates and accidental omissions can add unnecessary delays to your application.

Many people try to fill out the paperwork by themselves, but the fact is that immigration applications are long and complicated.

Sometimes the forms you find online are outdated. Worse still, if USCIS does find an error, they sometimes won’t clearly state what the error is.

If you hire an immigration attorney, they’ll walk you through the entire application, helping you prepare documents and ensuring your paperwork is error-free.

Apply for premium processing

For some applications, premium processing is an option. Unfortunately, this expedited service is only available for a select few applications, such as H-1B visas.

Notably, family visas are currently not eligible for premium processing.

The other catch is that you must have a valid reason for expediting your application.

USCIS won’t speed up your review process just because you don’t feel like waiting.

Some situations that may warrant premium processing include:

  • Military deployment
  • Family emergencies
  • Medical procedures

Curious whether or not you qualify for premium processing? Talk to an experienced immigration attorney for help.

Contact USCIS

If your case is actually delayed, it can be difficult to find out why.

Immigration officials aren’t known for sending frequent updates, and in a worst case scenario, applications can even be lost.

If you’re having issues with your application, you can try reaching out to USCIS yourself—however, most customer service representatives at USCIS can provide little information regarding your application.

To get more details, you may have to go straight to managers of USCIS regional offices—however, many won’t respond to an applicant’s questions.

If you feel there’s an issue with your application, your best bet may be to reach out to an attorney.

Although there’s no guarantee that an attorney can speed up a delayed application, they often have years of experience (knowing what to ask and who to ask) and can help you find out if there are any issues.

Hire an immigration lawyer

Immigration lawyers do more than prepare documents.

Because immigration law is rapidly changing, staying current is a challenge.

Experienced immigration lawyers ensure you’re applying for the best visa, keep you updated on important legal changes, and will make you aware of potential challenges to your specific case.

Immigration law is extremely complex, and you want an attorney who specializes in it to give your case the full attention you deserve.

Finding the right immigration attorney

If you want to receive your visa as quickly as possible, hiring an experienced immigration lawyer might be your best bet.

At Lorenzo Law Group, we only practice immigration law. That means your case gets our full attention.

We know how difficult immigration applications can be. Contact us today for a case evaluation and find out how we can help bring your American Dream to life.


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