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Family-based immigration applications can be confusing and exhausting, especially for same-sex couples. Whether you’re seeking help abroad or inside the US, wait times for immigration applications can be longer than expected. To minimize your risk of errors and maximize your chances at obtaining your American Dream, rely on us to handle your case—quickly, affordably, and accurately.

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Carlos Lorenzo

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Thousands of immigrants have trusted Lorenzo Law Group to bring their American Dream to life. Get peace of mind with Lorenzo Law Group on your case.

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5 Star Same Sex / Gay Immigration Lawyers


Immigration law is complex, and you’re going to want an attorney on your side with extensive experience. Our team focuses 100% on immigration cases.

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Immigration applications are time-consuming. Our team processes and submits your application ASAP so you can get results sooner.

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Get peace of mind—Lorenzo Law Group is always available to answer your questions, and you’ll be able to check your case status online 24/7.

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"Lorenzo Law Group got my 601 waiver approved in less than 30 days! Now I have my green card and I’m so happy!"

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"Lorenzo Law Group handled my H-1B application really well. They got all of my forms submitted so fast I couldn’t believe it!"


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Cases we handle

Family petitions

Petition for immediate family members to come to or remain in the US.

Consular processing

Receive an immigration visa if living abroad and wishing to become a permanent resident.


For permanent residents wishing to naturalize as US citizens.

Waivers (601, 601a)

Get permission to visit or immigrate to the US if previously deemed inadmissible.

Removal of Conditions (I-751)

Remove conditional permanent resident status and obtain a 10-year green card.

K-1 fiancé visa

Allows for the foreign fiance of a US citizen to enter the US for marriage.

Adjustment of status

Apply for permanent residence if already present in the United States.

Frequent Questions...

Is there a difference between naturalization and citizenship when I hire a same-sex immigration lawyer?

A “naturalized” citizen is no different from any other type of US citizen. After naturalization, you will enjoy all of the same rights, privileges and benefits as a native-born citizen—the right to vote, obtain a passport, etc. If you need help with your naturalization paperwork, contact us today and let us help.

What makes me inadmissible to the US? Do I need an immigration lawyer specialized in gay marriage?

Numerous factors could make you inadmissible to the US and barred from entry. Inadmissibility could be due to criminal activity, certain health reasons, national security concerns, inability to support yourself financially, committing immigration fraud, and more. For advice on your specific situation, contact Lorenzo Law Group today.

What is the difference between adjustment of status and consular processing?

If you reside abroad and you’re eligible to become a permanent resident (such as through marriage to a US citizen), you would typically go through consular processing at a local embassy in order to immigrate. If you are in a similar scenario, but reside within the US, you may opt for adjustment of status instead.

Who is given priority for family-based green card applications with a same sex immigration lawyer?

Children and spouses are given priority when it comes to family-based green card applications, with siblings and parents coming next. However, there are often huge differences in wait times when you compare the first group to the second—parents and siblings could be waiting for years to immigrate.

Am I eligible to petition for my family members to join me in the United States?

Are you a US citizen or green card holder? If so, then you may be eligible to sponsor immediate family members to immigrate. Both permanent residents and citizens may sponsor children and spouses, while citizens can also sponsor parents and siblings. Curious whether you’re eligible? Contact us today for a free consultation.

Do I need a financial sponsor for a family-based green card application when I apply with a gay marriage immigration lawyer?

Anyone applying for family-based immigration must have a financial sponsor. This is often the immigrant’s citizen or permanent resident spouse. Your sponsor will submit an affidavit of support along with your immigration application. For more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation with a same sex marriage immigration lawyer.

How long is the processing time for family-based immigration applications?

Family-based immigration applications—from adjustment of status to fiance visas—tend to take a long time. Wait times are affected by USCIS backlogs, as well as how busy your local embassy or consulate is. If you’re eligible, file ASAP—there’s no way to speed up your application except for applying sooner with your chosen gay immigration attorney.

When I choose a gay immigration lawyer near me, how do I know if my case will be successful?

It’s not possible to say in advance whether or not a case will be successful. During your consultation, your immigration lawyer will make you aware of potential weaknesses in your case. Some of the most common are past immigration violations, such as overstaying a visa or entering the US illegally.

Immigration Made Easy

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