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Even with all of your necessary documents in hand, applying for immigration services can take months—or even years—to see results. With so much on the line, it’s critical that you don’t make mistakes on your application. If you’re searching for a way to reduce your risk and maximize your chances of success, we’re here to help. Lorenzo Law Group handles immigration cases accurately, rapidly and affordably.

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We help your American Dream become a reality. Thousands of immigrants have relied on us to resolve their immigration cases successfully.

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5 STAR Tampa FL Immigration Lawyer


Immigration law is complex, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that our team is 100% focused on immigration cases.

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Lower fees, zero errors, faster resolutions. Our team processes and submits your application ASAP to get you results sooner rather than later.

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You’ll always stay up-to-date on your case with 24/7 online case updates and open door communication with our team.

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"Lorenzo Law Group got my 601 waiver approved in less than 30 days! Now I have my green card and I’m so happy!"


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"Lorenzo Law Group handled my H-1B application really well. They got all of my forms submitted so fast I couldn’t believe it!"


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Frequent Questions...

How much money do I need to invest in the United States to be eligible for a visa?

Investment amounts will vary depending on your visa, and can even vary within the same visa category. For example, EB-5 investors have two routes to citizenship—investing $800,000 in an area deemed rural or high-employment, or investing $1,050,000 elsewhere in the country. Consult with an experienced immigration lawyer Tampa FL for more information.

When I apply for an investor visa, Is my investment guaranteed?

Are you searching for the best immigration lawyer in Tampa FL? You are not guaranteed redemption or repayment of your investment, since visa-eligible investments must be at-risk. If you’re confused about which type of investment you’d need to make to be eligible for immigration, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation with immigration attorneys Tampa.

How long is the processing time for a business visa with an immigration lawyer in Tampa, FL?

Visa wait times are always changing, and they also depend greatly on the type of business visa you’re applying for. In addition, local consulate and embassy backlogs also vary from city to city. Regardless of the route you take to immigration, your best option is to apply as soon as you’re eligible. Consult an immigration attorney Tampa FL for details.

With Tampa immigration lawyers, will my family and children also be covered with my business visa?

Many common business visa categories will also allow immediate family members to join the visa recipient in the US. For example, both H1-B work visas and E-2 investor visas allow for the spouse and children of applicants to move to the US. If you need more information about your current situation, don’t hesitate to contact our Tampa immigration attorneys.

Am I eligible to petition for my family members?

Are you a permanent resident or US citizen? If so, then you may be legally eligible to sponsor family members to immigrate. Both citizens and green card holders may sponsor their children and spouse, while only US citizens may apply for parent/sibling immigration. Need more information about your situation? We’re here to help as your Tampa immigration attorney.

Do I need a financial sponsor for a family-based green card application?

Anyone immigrating to the US via family-based applications must be sponsored. For example, imagine a US citizen husband is applying for his wife to immigrate to the US. The husband must sign an affidavit of support to submit with her application to prove that the wife will not immediately rely on public assistance after immigrating.

How long is the processing time for family-based immigration applications?

Immigration wait times are lengthy, especially for family applications. Both USCIS and US consulates and embassies abroad face backlogs of cases. If you believe that you’re eligible to immigrate, Lorenzo Law Group recommends that you apply as soon as possible to avoid unneeded delays. Contact our Tampa Florida immigration lawyers ASAP.

What are the odds that my case is successful?

While every case is unique, there are a number of factors that could cause issues with your application. Committing immigration fraud, overstaying your visas, and illegally entering the United States are all potential roadblocks. Consult with a Tampa immigration lawyer to review your options.

Immigration Made Easy

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