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Business immigration applications are exhausting. Immigrants and American hopefuls routinely wait months to apply for employment and investment visas, and sometimes it’s impossible to know just how long the process will take. Worse still, mistakes on your application can cost you big. Avoid the headache of endless waiting, and let us handle your visa instead—quickly, accurately and more affordably.

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100% focus on immigration cases only. 14+ years of experience. Thousands of cases resolved successfully. Lorenzo Law Group helps clients achieve the American Dream.

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5 STAR Tampa FL Business Immigration Lawyer


Lorenzo Law Group focuses completely on immigration cases. Get peace of mind knowing we’ve handled countless applications just like yours.

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Clients love Lorenzo Law Group because we submit error-free applications ASAP. The sooner we process your application, the sooner you get results.

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Access your case status 24/7 with our online client portal. And if you have any questions, our team is always available to help.

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"Lorenzo Law Group got my 601 waiver approved in less than 30 days! Now I have my green card and I’m so happy!"


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"Lorenzo Law Group handled my H-1B application really well. They got all of my forms submitted so fast I couldn’t believe it!"


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Cases we handle


Obtain a green card for you, your spouse and children with investment in the US.


Permanent residence for nationals of 30+ trade treaty countries.

EB-2 and National Interest Waiver

Permanent residence for immigrants with exceptional skill and qualifications.

L- Visas

Obtain visas for transfer from a foreign to a domestic branch of a US company.

H1-B Visa

Temporary work permit for skilled and qualified workers.

Frequent Questions...

If I want a US investment visa, how much money do I need to invest?

This depends on the type of investor visa you’re seeking. Take the EB-5 visa, for example. If you make an investment into so-called “high unemployment” or “rural” areas, you only need to invest $800,000. Investments in other parts of the US need to reach $1,050,000 total. Consult with a business immigration lawyer Tampa for more details.

If I apply for a US investor visa, is my investment guaranteed?

The short answer is no, your investment is not guaranteed. Part of the requirements for an investor visa are that your investment must be “at risk,” meaning you’re not guaranteed repayment or redemption. With no risk of loss, your investment typically does not qualify for a visa. Consult with a business immigration attorney Tampa for more information.

How long is the processing time for US business visas?

Numerous factors can influence your visa wait time. For example, applicants living abroad will experience different waiting periods depending on their local consulate or embassy (even within the same country). Cases can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Questions? Ask an experienced immigration lawyer Tampa for business.

Will my family and children be able to come with me?

In most common business immigration scenarios, your family will be able to accompany you to the United States. For example, both E-2 investor visas and H-1B work visas allow for the spouse and children of the immigrant or worker to join you in the US. Your business immigration lawyer Tampa will provide more information during your consultation.

What’s the difference between permanent and temporary work visas?

Permanent work visas (like the EB visa group) allow for immigrants to receive permanent residence in the United States. Temporary visas (like L visas and H-1B visas) allow for long-term but temporary stays in the US. However, in some situations, your temporary status may later be converted to permanent residence.

What are the requirements for getting an H-1B work visa?

H-1B visa applicants must meet several criteria. For example, the offer you receive from your American employer must be for a position that needs specialized knowledge, and your employer must demonstrate that there are no qualified US applicants available. In addition, you must also possess a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent).

What are the requirements for getting an L-1 work visa?

Your L-1 visa allows you to transfer within the same company from a foreign branch to a local, US branch. Some requirements are that your employer must have been operating for at least a year, and you must have been employed continuously for at least one year during the past three years.

How do I know if my case will be successful?

It’s impossible to predict the odds of an immigration case, although your attorney will be able to discuss your case in more detail during your consultation. However, know that some of the most common issues with immigration applications include visa overstays, illegal entry, and incorrect application information.

Immigration Made Easy

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