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The United States has long been considered by many to be a sanctuary for individuals and families seeking to improve their lives. Unfortunately, even the most prepared and seemingly eligible candidates may have difficulty filling out and filing their petitions correctly. Since the field of immigration is complicated with different methods depending on the person’s unique circumstances and reasons for relocating, it’s helpful to retain the services of a compassionate boutique immigration law firm like the Lorenzo Law Group, L.L.C.

A lawyer who practices immigration law is an attorney who helps people with issues related to immigration. These lawyers are typically skilled in immigration and criminal law, as many of the cases they handle involve both aspects. Immigration law usually includes labor and employment, family-based immigration, naturalization, deportation defense, and asylum-based cases.

Hiring a Local Law Firm

With offices in Virginia and Florida, the dedicated attorneys of Lorenzo Law Group offer comprehensive legal services to help their clients lawfully enter or remain in the United States. For local representation, Lorenzo Law serves the following areas:

  • Orange County
  • Osceola County
  • Polk County
  • Windermere

Over 14 years of experience prepared founding attorney Carlos Lorenzo of Lorenzo Law Group, L.L.C. to relentlessly fight to assist clients with their citizenship or permanent residency goals throughout the greater Orlando area.


Why Should You Retain Legal Services for Immigration Issues?

Immigration law is one of the most quickly changing legal practice areas and therefore requires skilled assistance. Suppose a person is unaware of the current processes and requirements for the immigration method that fits their needs and characteristics. In that case, they will likely make mistakes that prohibit them from legally entering the country. Plus, with firm deadlines, it is essential that they know which forms and supporting documentation to submit and when.

An experienced and trustworthy attorney from our compassionate law firm will advise you regarding the necessary documents and supporting processes like biometrics necessary to submit your petition on time. They can help you develop a contingency plan for if you are denied and help you avoid circumstances that might negatively impact your ability to remain in the country in the future.

Central Florida immigration lawyers from the Lorenzo Law Group are experienced with various immigration concerns so that they can represent clients through family, employment, or investor visa paths in immigration court.






How Employment-Based Immigration Works

Employment-based immigration is the process of obtaining a green card through employment. There are three pathways:

  1. At the discretion of the employer
  2. For workers with “extraordinary ability.”
  3. For workers who obtained a labor certification from D.O.L.

An immigration attorney provides strategic guidance developed to accomplish your goals for businesses. They realize the immigration process is challenging, so they serve as advisors to employers and employees while preparing and submitting authorizations through employment-based permanent residency and non-immigrant temporary work visas.

How Investor Visas Work

The Lorenzo Law Firm has a history of representing investors wishing to obtain visas to manage investments, conduct business, or work for a U.S. subsidiary. Orlando immigration attorneys have built substantial experience with Investor Visas, including:

  • E-2 Treaty Investor Visa

  • EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa

  • L-1A Executive or Manager Intra-Company Transferee

They work to maximize the chances of future renewal approval and ensure the approval of the initial visa.

How Family-Based Immigration Works

There are many ways to immigrate to the United States. One of the most common ways is through family-based immigration.

The United States Immigration Law is notoriously complicated, and many people are not aware of the family-based immigration process. While the process varies by country, the general idea is that if you have a relative in the U.S. who has legal citizenship or permanent residence, you can apply for a green card. Once you receive your green card, you will be eligible for citizenship after five years.

The Lorenzo Law Group can provide valuable advice and advocacy in this process. Contact the law office for a free initial consultation and build a favorable and lasting attorney-client relationship.

Immigration Services Orlando, FL

Immigration services in Orlando, FL provide services for citizenship, green cards, visas, and more. Additional services include advice and representation regarding:


Business immigration


Deportation hearings


Family immigration services


Legal aid


Marriage petitions


Non-immigrant visas


Personal injury


Removal proceedings

The process of obtaining a green card or visa can be complicated for some people. Immigration services in Orlando, FL, require a staff of qualified attorneys to help you through the entire process of any immigration issue you may have.

Hiring the Best Immigration Lawyer in Orlando

Hiring the right immigration lawyer in Orlando can be challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with the legal system. Look for attorneys that have been vetted for their experience, skill, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for an immigration lawyer in Orlando, Florida, you should look no further than Lorenzo Law.

The Benefits of an Immigration Lawyer

An immigration lawyer is a person who is qualified to advocate for the rights of immigrants, permanent residents, and temporary visitors to the United States. Generally, immigration lawyers are often lawyers in private practice but may also work for non-profit organizations or government agencies.

The benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer are that they can provide legal advice and counsel on all aspects of immigration law, including citizenship, visas, and green cards. They can also help with preparing paperwork and filing forms.

Top Immigration Lawyer Orlando Florida

Your immigration lawyer should be experienced in immigration law, in particular, the area that relates to your case whether that is family visas, deportation and other complex immigration cases, or other immigration law needs.

Immigration lawyers have typically completed immigration and nationality law training. The duties of an immigration lawyer vary depending on their level of skill and experience but may include:

  • Providing legal advice to businesses and individuals.

  • Representing clients in administrative proceedings.

  • Representing clients in court.

The Orlando immigration lawyers at Lorenzo Law Group are experienced in helping people from all over the world come to America. They know that getting a visa or green card can be complicated, and they work to make the process as efficient as possible for you.

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Carlos Lorenzo

Carlos is an Immigration Attorney with 14 plus years of experience in U.S. Immigration Law. He has practiced both family-based immigration as well as business immigration, in particular EB-5 foreign investments as well as working with EB-5 Regional Centers for foreign investment in America. He has great experience working on removal defense cases where he has litigated thousands of removal cases before Immigration Courts all around the U.S. Carlos has also helped thousands of individuals and families through immigrant and nonimmigrant visas as well as successfully works on numerous waivers before USCIS for clients.

Carlos has also served as General Counsel to Government agencies in Puerto Rico. Representing the Agencies in state matters as well as crafting policy for the agencies. He is not only a licensed attorney with a J.D. degree, but also holds an LL.M (Law Master) from the University of Southampton in the U.K. Further expanding his knowledge on not only maritime law but also commerce and international trade.

Recent Successful Cases

Permanent Residence Obtained

We helped a client and his wife obtain a Permanent Residence, utilizing a family petition from 1999 filed for his wife. Our clients were able to adjust status through the 245i (Life Act). They have overstayed their visa for more than 10 years.

Asylum Fraud Charge Dismissed

We helped a client have his immigration court case dismissed after being charged with asylum fraud. Our client has been a Lawful Permanent Resident for over 20 years and now ICE tried to removes him from the United States without showing sufficient evidence. We managed to show at an evidentiary hearing that ICE had now evidence against our client and the Immigration Judge dismissed the case.

Removal Order Rescinded

We helped a client reopen his case with the Immigration Court and he had his removal order rescinded after over 10 years.

Asylum Successfully Obtained

We helped a client obtain asylum from El Salvador after we proved that he had been persecuted by military members in El Salvador. Our client was able to petition his son to come to the United States and now they both have Lawful Permanent Status.

Immigration Attorneys in Orlando FL


The attorneys at Lorenzo Law in Central Florida have extensive experience with all types of immigration law, including family-based petitions, employment-based petitions, consular processing, and more. The firm also has significant experience with asylum cases and deportation defense.

The cost of an immigration lawyer varies depending on the type of case they are handling, the location, and the attorney’s experience. Prices will depend on many factors, including the type of legal issue you face. Different types of cases will have different costs associated with them. For example, divorce cases are more straightforward and therefore cost less. However, if you need help with an immigration issue, your lawyer would likely charge more due to the complex nature of their services.

If you want to figure out how much your case will cost in total, you should also consider how long it will take and contact The Lorenzo Law Group for a consultation.


Embark on Your Immigration Journey Today


The Lorenzo Law Group, L.L.C. is fully bilingual and has represented clients all around the U.S. with various immigration issues. The types of cases include the following:

  • Asylum for refugees and the qualifying family members of an asylee
  • Business immigrants seeking lawful permanent residence through investments, special categories of jobs, Perms, H1B and EB-5 applicants, etc.
  • Helping Clients with Consular Processing
  • Removal defense or cancellation of removal for those eligible for relief, bond, or parole, protection under the Convention Against Torture (C.A.T.), under the Violence Against Women Act (V.A.W.A.), or another defense
  • Submitting family petitions to obtain lawful permanent residence through an immediate relative who is a U.S. citizen, a U.S. citizen’s family member who is in a preference category, or a family member of the holder of a green card
  • Submitting Motions to Reopen
  • Waivers

Regardless of where you are in the immigration process, you don’t have to do it alone. If you need the assistance of a bilingual English-Spanish attorney who has experience representing individuals from all walks of life, don’t hesitate to call 1-888-212-2207 for a free consultation. Our helpful team can provide you with an overview of the available payment plans.

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